Families spanning a wide spectrum of Jewish identity and practice enroll their children in Jewish day schools. Parents who chose Jewish day school for their children place a high priority on academic excellence and character development.

A strong Jewish education prepares children to:

  • Think critically and problem solve
  • Make informed Jewish decisions as they grow into adulthood
  • Be thoughtful and ethical global citizens
  • Be confident and comfortable in a variety of Jewish settings, regardless of their personal choices or customs
  • Lead Jewish homes and raise Jewish children of their own
  • Take on leadership roles in Jewish life

The Samis Foundation provides general operating funds to Seattle Jewish day schools, Jewish overnight camps, and Israel experiences for teens. This operating support:

  • Subsidizes the cost of tuition and fees for families with need
  • Builds capacity within organizations so that they can offer high quality education and programming

Developing a child’s character and moral compass is a critical component of any Jewish day school curriculum. As such, graduates of Jewish day school are more strongly committed to addressing the needs of society broadly and to making a difference in their community and beyond. Recent studies also point to Jewish day school graduates as leaders within the Jewish community later in life.

In Seattle, and in cities across the globe, Jewish day schools help build communities not just for students, but for families who share similar values and traditions.

The tight-knit school community supports one another in good times and bad, in a way that enveloped our new-to-Seattle family.

Joining a day school community builds a social network of families that share similar values of honesty, responsibility, respect, and kindness.  If you’re new to the Seattle area, you’ll find that enrolling your children in Jewish day school creates an immediate, supportive community for the entire family.