We looked at the decision to send our children to Jewish day school holistically. Importantly, what kind of values would be instilled as part of the entire package.

David, father of Chase and Reese

My wife is Catholic and I am Jewish. Growing up, I went to public school and attended Hebrew School in the after school hours. I hated it [Hebrew school] and wanted my kids to have a better experience. But it was not a foregone conclusion for our family that we would send our kids to day school since we had a lot of great choices among private schools and the local public school.

We really looked at the decision where to send our children holistically. Importantly, we asked ourselves “What kind of values would be instilled as part of the entire package?” Quality of the general education was very important to us. Beyond that, we knew a Jewish-based education would address values — things that public school or secular private school would not.

We also felt that parents who are considering private school for their children value education. And being in a Jewish day school would align us with families with similar values.

One thing I noted, and would tell other parents to look for, is the warmth of the teachers. At the Jewish day schools, the teachers hug the children in the morning when they enter the class. Little things like that conveyed a warmth to us that we couldn’t find elsewhere.

Ultimately, we found the right place for our children that matched the spiritual and educational environment we wanted for them and our family.