“He gave us this Land, a Land flowing with milk and honey.” — DEUTERONOMY, 26:9

Support for Israel:
How the Samis Foundation Carries Out Sam’s Vision


Sam Israel was committed to a successful and vibrant State of Israel for the Jewish people. Today, the Samis Foundation continues to carry out this vision by supporting organizations in Israel that are making a meaningful and tangible impact within the funding areas he articulated when establishing the Foundation.

Since inception, the Samis Foundation has given over $8.5 million to organizations in Israel. Two of the Foundation trustees are Israeli, and Samis is proud to have a consultant, based locally in Israel, who oversees the Israel philanthropy portfolio.

Samis is committed to supporting the State of Israel through targeted partnerships in specific areas delineated by Sam Israel. These include assisting those on the socio-economic periphery, to become independent and contributing citizens through immigrant absorption programs, needs-based scholarships for gifted students to access higher education, “Widows & Orphans, because they have lost their providers” (Sam Israel’s words), promoting the conservation of Israel’s rich wildlife resources and education as to its importance, and archaeology, specifically funding popular and scholarly publications of major findings.

Socio-Economic Periphery

The Samis Foundation supports programs targeting Israel’s socio-economic periphery. In recent years, the Foundation has focused its funding on college scholarships and vocational training programs for those in the Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) community who strive for greater self-sufficiency. Samis helps to lower the barriers new immigrants face when integrating into Israeli society by awarding grants to programs that provide career counseling, job placement and networking opportunities. Finally, the Foundation supports the needy and vulnerable by giving to shelters and programs for abused women, orphaned children, and youth.

Photo: Engineering program at Jerusalem College of Technology


The Samis Foundation supports archaeological programs including funding publications of significant archaeological excavations. The Foundation has been instrumental in providing funding for the publication of the late Professor Ehud Netzer’s findings and research, which includes the publication of his Jericho and Herodium Volumes, respectively. Samis’s support has also funded publication of popular versions of his work through the Israel Exploration Society. These publications have ensured that students of archaeology and scholars can continue to access and study his life’s work and findings for generations to come.

Photo: King Herod’s Tomb, Israel


The Samis Foundation provides funding to organizations dedicated to wildlife conservation and education about its importance. The Foundation supports educational programs such as those created by the Hoopoe Bird Foundation, which seeks to increase awareness of Israel’s significant migratory bird populations. Samis also supports aquatic wildlife research in Israel, through its funding of the Samuel Israel Aquatic & Animal Care Research Center at the Gottesman Family Israel Aquarium in Jerusalem, one of the top tourist attractions in the city.

Photo: The Gottesman Family Israel Aquarium is the first public aquarium in Israel and is dedicated to the preservation of marine habitats.