“For the LORD your God is bringing you into a good land, a land with streams and springs and fountains issuing from plain and hill ” - Devarim/Deuteronomy Ch. 8

Teen Israel Experiences:
The Opportunity of a Lifetime

For teens to truly understand the historical connection of Jews to the land of Israel, appreciate the notion of Jewish peoplehood, and proudly own their place in the chain of Jewish history requires context. An immersive Israel experience is one of the most effective tools for strengthening Jewish identity and cultivating a lasting relationship with the State of Israel. Studies indicate that Israel trips are transformational Jewish experiences, pushing teens to navigate the world with greater independence and ensuring our youth remain engaged in the Jewish community as young adults and beyond.

The Samis Foundation is a proud sponsor of summer and academic-term teen Israel experience programs, providing $3,000 summer grants, $5,000 to $7,500 academic term grants directly through Israel experience program providers. A limited number of grants are available per year.

How to Apply:

Academic Semester Israel Programs

There is no need to submit a separate application to Samis for the academic semester Israel programs. When you apply to one of the programs listed below you will receive a grant directly from the program.

Summer Israel Programs

Day school students and teens participating in summer Israel programs not covered by the RootOne Grant Initiative, can receive a $3,000 summer program stipend for a Samis approved program of their choice.

The process:

  • Families should send an email to grantsadministrator@samis.com with proof of program enrollment, a receipt for their deposit and commitment to contribute a minimum of $1,500 towards the cost of the program
  • Teens must complete pre-trip Israel education through the RootOne program
  • A $3,000 stipend will be sent directly to the program provider on behalf of the student prior to the program start date


  1. Washington State resident
  2. A teen in 9th-12th grade
  3. Participate in RootOne Israel education pre and post trip programs
  4. Israel trip must be a minimum of 20 days in length
  5. Families must contribute a minimum of $1,500 towards the cost of the program
  6. Teens are only eligible to receive one Samis grant during high school

Explore Academic Year Israel Programs:


Alexander Muss High School in Israel (AMHSI) Impact Fellowship | Fall Semester

Teens who demonstrate exceptional leadership skills, academic achievement, and a deep connection to their Judaism are chosen to participate in this semester-long study abroad program in Israel. During the program, teens maintain their general studies courses in addition to taking courses on 4,000 years of Israeli and Jewish history, leadership training, social media, marketing, critical thinking, public speaking, and weekly writing and creative assignments. Teens work with local professionals to speak publicly when they return home. Through the Fellowship, they become ambassadors for Israel and get ready for the exciting college experience ahead. The Samis Foundation provides $7,500 grants to teens for the Fall Impact Fellowship program and a select number of grants of up to $5,000 for Spring and Summer programs.


Tichon Ramah Yerushalim (TRY) | Winter Quarter/Semester

Tichon Ramah Yerushalim provides 10th, 11th and 12th graders the chance to study at the Ramah Jerusalem High School, where they learn about the land of Israel firsthand. They take exciting trips to Masada and the Ramon Crater, experience simulated army basic training, attend different synagogues every Shabbat, study the Hebrew language, and visit Poland to understand Jewish life prior to the Shoah and its ramifications. The program runs for either two or four month time periods, and students keep a regular school schedule the entire time. The Samis Foundation provides $5,000-$7,500 grants each year, depending on the length of the program selected.

URJ Heller High | Spring Semester

URJ Heller High elevates and deepens students’ knowledge of and connection to Jewish history, Judaism, Zionism and the modern State of Israel. With Israel as our classroom, we build a dynamic learning environment where formal instruction, experiential learning and travel combine to bring Jewish living and learning to life. Our skilled and engaging teachers create an inclusive community that fosters the development of future lay and professional leaders for Reform Judaism. With over 3,500 alumni since its founding in 1961, URJ Heller High (formerly NFTY-EIE) is the most experienced, and trusted high school in Israel program for meaningful Jewish learning, spiritual experiences, personal growth, and academic success. Samis provides $7,500 grants for the Spring semester program.

Explore Summer Israel Programs:


Sephardic Education Center (SEC) Hamsa Program

The SEC Hamsa bi-annual program provides an incredible experience of Israel through the lens of Sephardic culture and tradition. The itinerary includes visits to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Northern & Southern Israel, beaches, IDF training facilities, air force bases and museums. Participants explore Israel on foot, hiking Israel’s nature reserves, canyons, Masada… and more! Prayer at the hotel, holy sites, and ancient synagogues is provided with accommodations at the Sephardic Educational Center headquarters located in the Old City of Jerusalem. Participants leave with a deeper understanding of ancient history, Zionism and the modern state of Israel. The next program will run in summer 2021. The Samis Foundation provides a grant of $3,000.

Explore Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle Teen Israel Program:

Teen Israel Experience Scholarship Program

The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, in partnership with the Samis Foundation, provides needs-based scholarships to teens seeking to participate in an approved Israel Experience program. 81 percent of applicants receive their full requested support with an average scholarship award of $3,800. For families in financial need, a Samis grant can be combined with a Federation needs-based scholarship.

“Israel trip alumni report higher levels of Jewish commitment, Jewish belonging and ritual observance years later than do others with similar Jewish upbringings.”
— David Bryfman, CEO Jewish Education Project