“Educate a child according to their way, and when they are old, they will not depart from it” - Proverbs 22:6

Samis Supported Jewish Youth Programs:
Engaging and Inspiring Jewish Youth in Washington State

Explore Samis Supported Jewish Programs:

Jewish Enrichment

Programs that empower youth to develop and strengthen their connection to Judaism through Jewish culture, holiday celebrations, volunteer activities and more.

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Student Leadership & Social Justice

Programs that engage teens and allow them to contribute meaningfully to our local community needs and organizations, while developing important leadership skills.

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Family Engagement

Programs that help families explore the many facets of Jewish life together such as Shabbat, community, and text study to increase jewish knowledge and engagement.

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Teen Israel Experience

Travel programs that give teens the opportunity to explore their connection to Jewish history, Judaism, and the modern State of Israel first-hand.

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Jewish Day School Education

Day schools give students the opportunity to receive excellent academics and explore their connection to Judaism, Jewish history, and the State of Israel in a fully immersive environment.

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Jewish Overnight Camp

Programs for youth interested in having dynamic and fun summer outdoor experiences that develop important life skills while forming new and life long friendships.

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Jewish Enrichment

Programs that empower youth to develop and strengthen their connection to Judaism through Jewish culture, holiday celebrations,
volunteer activities and more.

BBYO Evergreen Youth Group - Halom BBG Chapter

BBYO, Pluralistic

BBYO is a teen-led youth movement that will give you the opportunity to have meaningful Jewish experiences and form powerful, authentic relationships with other teens and with inspiring adult role models. Join our local BBYO chapters that will support you to feel pride in who you, in control of your own destiny and part of something greater than yourself! Programming includes Jewish holiday celebrations, Shabbat programs, social action projects, skill building, and sisterhood/siblinghood programs. Three awesome regional conventions also happen every year! Not only will you become a part of a local sisterhood/brotherhood, you will join an international Jewish teen movement!

CTeen Summer Odyssey

CTeen Bellevue

Cteen Summer Odyssey is a 15-day travelling overnight camp adventure across the west coast! Explore the beauty of California, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona with old and new Jewish friends. Enjoy nights around the campfire, experience Shabbat in different Jewish communities and learn more about your Jewish self. Highlights include visits to Universal Studios, Salt Lake City, Six Flags: Magic Mountain, Las Vegas, Zion National Park, the Grand Canyon and San Francisco.

Sephardic Education

Sephardic Religious School

The Sephardic Religious School provides the only educational program for religious and Sephardic cultural education in Seattle. Highlights include learning Hebrew language, Judaic studies, tefilah, Jewish and Israeli history all from a Sephardic perspective!

SJCC My Chai

Stroum Jewish Community Center

My Chai is an alternative program designed for teens  in 6th-9th grade to explore their Judaism in unique and different ways. Using NYU’s 18×18 Framework, which highlights 18 Jewish things a young Jew should know, care about, and be able to do by age 18, the program will expand your Jewish knowledge, skills, values, attitudes, and practices. Through a series of seminars, discussions, and activities you will have the chance to meet incredible Jewish professionals from across the community and visit Jewish organizations such as the Polack Food Bank at Jewish Family Services, explore your family history through the Holocaust Center for Humanity and Washington State Jewish Historical Society, visit the Seattle Mikvah, and learn about Jewish culinary traditions at local Jewish restaurants among many other experiences!

Tiyulim: Adventures with TDHS

Temple De Hirsch Sinai, Reform

Tiyulim: Adventures with TDHS is a program for middle school teens that gives you the opportunity to select ten full-day interactive field trips offered in the greater Seattle area and make connections between your Jewish identity and interests that you are most passionate about. Field trip options include visits to the nonprofit radio station KEXP, the Allen Brain Institute, the first African Methodist Episcopal Church, and a half-day workshop with LA-based Comic Book Midrash to name a few! Joining this group of active teens will help you to become part of a community, have authentic meaningful Jewish experiences, build deeper connections and relationships with your peers, and create space for diversity and respectful dialogue. *Teens must be synagogue members to participate.


United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, Conservative

J-Squad is a Jewish youth group that creates safe spaces for Jewish youth and allies in middle schools to feel safe, welcome, and seen, allowing them to develop connections to each other and the greater Jewish Community. This youth group offers monthly events at your school surrounding the Jewish holidays with food, activities, guest speakers, presentations and discussions, monthly city-wide events with social, educational, and action-based activities, J-Squad Club school lunches, support to fight antisemitism and the opportunity to create affinity groups around things you love like gaming, theater or hiking! J-Squad will also give you the chance to participate in regional events with other middle schoolers across the Pacific Northwest!

JSU and NCSY programs

West Coast NCSY

NCSY and the Jewish Student Union cultural clubs provide a place for Jewish teens to feel accepted for who they are and ask questions about what religion and culture mean to them. This club will give you a place to grow, build meaningful friendships, develop and passion for your Judaism and connect with Jewish role models. Join a JSU program at your high school to meet other Jewish teens and explore issues of Jewish pride, celebrate Jewish holidays, learn about social justice, and connect to Israel. Outside of school, experience a fun Latte and Learn evening at a local coffee shop, a Shabbat meal at an NCSY staffers home and immersive trips to Israel!

Student Leadership & Social Justice

Programs that engage teens and allow them to contribute meaningfully to our local community needs and
organizations, while developing important leadership skills.

Kehillah Kedosha Becoming a Leader Trip

Herzl-Ner Tamid Conservative Congregation, Conservative

The Becoming a Leader Trip is an annual three-day summer retreat at Camp Solomon Schechter focused on middle school students and led by high school students. The retreat includes a water white rafting adventure on the Upper Skagit and is an awesome opportunity to deepen friendships, while learning more about your connection to Judaism in the incredible setting the ropes course and waterfront of Camp Solomon Schechter! The program is open to the community!

Student Leadership Board Retreat

Holocaust Center for Humanity, Pluralistic

The Holocaust Center for Humanity Annual Student Leadership Board Retreat is an opportunity for a group of motivated, majority Jewish, and dedicated young leaders in grades 7-12 from across Washington state who volunteer their time on the SLB Board. These students learn from the lessons of the Holocaust on how to better take action and advocate for justice, tolerance, and empathy. The Board retreat takes place in the Fall at a local overnight Jewish summer camp in Washington state. During the retreat you will come together in person to build stronger relationships with one another and the Center, and to actively create programming for the community. The weekend program will include activities such as orientation, group discussions, collaborative projects, leadership and team-building exercises, presentations and educational workshops, storytelling by local Holocaust survivors, and an opportunity for student leaders to organize activities for their peers.

Israeli American Council Eitanim

Israeli-American Council, Pluralistic

The IAC Eitanim program gives you the unique opportunity to connect to Israel through entrepreneurship and innovation with like-minded Israeli and Jewish-American Teens. Get mentored by industry experts to develop and lead innovative projects that solve real-world problems! This program will help you to build your resume and develop important life skills, all within a Jewish/Israeli context.

Bnei Akiva of North Seattle

Mercaz Seattle, Modern Orthodox

Bnei Akiva is an immersive youth group program that provides high-quality Zionist education and programs, mentorship and experience for teens seeking to expand their skills in program planning and execution. You will have the opportunity to create fun, interactive Israel-connected programming for elementary-age children, participate in teen onegs, Shabbatons, holiday activities, day trips, mitzvah drives, leadership meetings and run bi-monthly Israel connected Shabbat afternoon programs. Joining Bnei Akiva will also give you access to a system of sleepaway camps, leadership, and Israel programs!

Shevet Matar Israeli Scouts

Shevet Matar, Friends of Israel Scouts

Shevet Matar is the Seattle chapter of the Israeli Scouts in North America. The program is geared towards 4th-12th graders in the Jewish Israeli-American community and provides the opportunity for leadership, self-growth and community building. Weekly meetings include activities focused on Israel and the Jewish community that are organized and led by participants within each age group. As a teen participant you will have the opportunity to go to three in-person counselor training camps! Counselors in 10th-12th grade and “counselors to be” in 9th grade can also participate in regional camps, where they meet peers from other Jewish-Israeli communities across the West Coast.

YYLC Hineni

Chabad of the Central Cascades

YYLC Hineni provides a monthly array of meaningful volunteer opportunities for teens who are passionate about giving back to their community. Hineni will expand your social circle while also giving you the chance to not only learn about the diverse needs of our community and various organizations, but also make an important contribution and impact.

CBS Teen Social Justice Trips

Congregation Beth Shalom, Conservative

CBS Teen social justice trips are annual teen trips for 8th-12th graders that give you the amazing opportunity to learn about social justice and activism where the issues are actually happening. Travel destinations include Portland, Arizona, Alabama and Atlanta, where you will learn, volunteer and get involved with issues such as homelessness, immigration justice and civil rights, all in the context of Jewish values, history and text. This immersive experience will help you build community, leadership skills and experience Shabbat with your friends.

Kol Ami Senior Teens Jewish Values & Social Justice

Congregation Kol Ami, Reform

Congregation Kol Ami Senior Teens Jewish Values and Social Justice is a two-part program that explores the study of Jewish social justice values through art and putting those values into action. Students learn from professional artists how to create their own protest art. Photography, poetry, prose, storytelling and papercut art mediums are used to study the social justice issues most important to participants through a Jewish lens. Learn with artist-in-residence Isaac Brynjega-Bialik and create your own Jewish protest artwork! Finally, travel to the Religious Action Center’s L’Taken Seminar in Washington, D.C. for a weekend of Jewish study and advocacy, where you will join hundreds of other students from across the country and advocate for issues you care about with your Representatives and Senators on the hill!

Family Engagement

Programs that help families explore the many facets of Jewish life together such as Shabbat, community, and text study to increase jewish knowledge and engagement.

Yachdav-Ckids Club

Chabad of the Central Cascades

Yachdav club is an inclusive experiential family program for Israeli and American Jewish families in the Issaquah area that promotes the value of Jewish education. Join a growing group of families interested in learning more about Jewish living through family friendly fun activities provided six-times a year. All families are invited regardless of background and religious observance!

CBS Family Camp

Congregation Beth Shalom, Conservative

CBS Family Camp is an incredible immersive weekend for Jewish learning, Jewish living, and Jewish community building at Camp Solomon Schechter.  The weekend is a much-needed opportunity for day school families, preschool families, religious school families, and those newer to the CBS community to bond with each other and increase connections with CBS staff members. Activities include challah baking, services, wine and games for adults, gaga, sports, scavenger hunts, swimming, boating, campfires and so much more!

Darchei Noam

Temple Beth Hatfiloh, Reconstuctionist

Darchei Noam is a new educational program that focuses on building community in Jewish time and is designed to help you create your own Jewish learning experiences for your family. TBH honor’s the variety of paths our families are on and strives to support them as they forge uniquely Jewish pathways for their children.  As a community, we are all learners who benefit from experiencing the many facets of Jewish life together. Through Darchei Noam you and your family will have the opportunity to join monthly Shabbaton experiences at Camp Solomon Schetcher where you can build relationships with other families and celebrate Shabbat an accepting and diverse community!

TBS Family Shabbat Retreat

Temple Beth Shalom - Spokane, Conservative / Reform

TBS Family Shabbat Retreat is a new family-focused, fun and casual annual retreat for families with children in K-7th grade in the Inland Northwest. Whether you and your family are members of a congregation or not, this retreat program is for you! Join our Jewish community to explore a new model of building knowledge of Torah, tefillah, Jewish music and modern Hebrew with your family! The weekend includes mini-learning sessions for parents and children, a resident musician, an immersive learning session for the whole family and community, meals, outdoor camp style activities such as hiking, sports and scavenger hunts, songs and so much more!

Teen Israel Experience

Travel programs that give teens the opportunity to explore their connection to Jewish history, Judaism, and the modern State of Israel first-hand.

Massa: A Teen Journey Toward Israel and Jewish Self-Discovery

Massa - Bellingham / Everett, Reform

Congregation Beth Israel and Temple Beth Or have joined together to create Massa: A Teen Journey Toward Israel and Jewish Self-Discovery, a 3-year experiential program to educate and engage Jewish students 14-18 years of age.  You will explore everything Israel and even have the opportunity to travel to Israel for a two-week long Israel immersion trip! Join Massa and take a deep dive into learning about the Israeli people, environment, history, geography, political and security issues, and how Israel is apart of who you are as a Jew. During the two-week trip, experience life in Israel, explore historical sites, meet Israelis and take part in service projects!

Alexander Muss High School in Israel (AMHSI) Impact Fellowship

Alexander Muss High School in Israel, Pluralistic

If you are a teen who demonstrates exceptional leadership skills, academic achievement, and a deep connection to your Judaism, the AMHSI Impact Fellowship program is the program for you. Fellows receive a $7,500 Samis grant to participate in the semester-long study Fall program. While living in Israel on the beautiful AMHSI campus in Hod Hasharon, you will maintain your general studies courses in addition to taking courses in the classroom and on location about 4,000 years of Israeli and Jewish history, leadership training, social media, marketing, critical thinking, writing, and public speaking.

Tichon Ramah Yerushalayim (TRY)

Ramah Israel TRY, Conservative

Using Israel as its classroom, Tichon Ramah Yerushalayim (TRY) provides 10th-12th grade students with a transformative experience.  By combining the academic structure of a school with the values of the Ramah Camping Movement, students explore their Jewish identity and connection to the Jewish people as they travel across Israel. TRY is the only Jerusalem-based high school academic program open to Jewish youth from North America interested in learning about their heritage in a Conservative Jewish setting. Students come away from TRY feeling more confident and independent, more connected to Israel and their Judaism, and armed with the ultimate college prep experience. TRY participants are eligible to receive $7,500 Samis grants.

URJ Heller High

URJ Heller High, Reform

Teens looking to elevate and deepen their knowledge of and connection to Jewish history, Judaism, Zionism and the modern State of Israel should consider participating in the URJ Heller High program. Samis provides $7,500 grants for the semester-long program. With Israel as your classroom, you will be part of a dynamic learning environment where formal instruction, experiential learning and travel are combined to bring Jewish living and learning to life. You will join a network of over 3,500 alumni as part of the URJ Heller High (formerly NFTY-EIE) program!

Summer Teen Israel Experience

Summer Teen Israel Experience Samis Grants

Day school students and teens participating in summer Israel programs not covered by the RootOne Grant Initiative are eligible to receive a $3,000 summer program stipend for a Samis approved program of their choice. Explore the Samis website for more details!

Jewish Day School Education

Day schools give students the opportunity to receive excellent academics and explore their connection to Judaism, Jewish history, and the State of Israel in a fully immersive environment.

Jewish Day School of Metropolitan Seattle

Early Chilhood - 8th Grade, Pluralistic

Established in 1980, JDS is an early childhood through 8th grade independent day school located on seven gorgeous acres in the Crossroads area of Bellevue – just two miles south of Microsoft’s main campus. Our inquiry-based learning program fosters critical thinking, problem solving, confidence, collaboration, leadership, innovation and more – all in a global learning environment. Core academics at JDS are enriched with Judaic studies and serve as a foundation for lifelong learning. Ultimately, JDS students know who they are, understand what it means to be part of a community, and are empowered to make a difference in the world by taking action.

MMSC Day School

Early Chilhood - 8th Grade, Orthodox

MMSC Day School provides a traditional Orthodox education to students from across the Pacific Northwest. Named for the Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem M. Schneerson, and established in 1974, MMSC offers a Jewish Montessori option for parents of young children seeking a traditional education combined with Montessori principles. Students learn at their own pace using Montessori materials and are taught the weekly parsha (Torah portion), the chagim (holidays), math, geography, botany, English, and Hebrew. Grade school students learn general studies including math, English, social studies, reading, and science, along with the weekly parsha, halacha (Jewish laws), and the chagim.

Seattle Hebrew Academy

Early Childhood - 8th Grade, Modern Orthodox

Seattle Hebrew Academy provides a warm learning environment where collaboration is the fabric of each day. The spiritual, emotional, and academic growth of each student is central to SHA’s mission. Located in the heart of Seattle’s Capitol Hill, SHA is a Modern Orthodox Jewish Day School that has served the wider community since 1947. The school offers a variety of project-based secular and Judaic studies classes including Wired for Reading, Math Connects, Origins and Holocaust Units, Conversational Hebrew, Jewish Music, Physical Education, and Middle School Technology Class.

Seattle Jewish Community School

K-5th Grade, Pluralistic

Seattle Jewish Community School (SJCS), located in the center of Seattle in Green Lake, provides an inclusive education to children in kindergarten through fifth grade. Founded in 1991, SJCS families embrace a wide range of Jewish beliefs and practices. The school is organized into three multi-age cohorts for children integrating Academics, Jewish Values and Traditions, Social Emotional Learning (SEL), and Specialty subjects to support and nurture each child’s intellectual, creative, social emotional, and spiritual growth.

Torah Day School

Early Chilhood - 8th Grade, Orthodox

Torah Day School of Seattle (TDS), is just a short ten minute drive from the most populated Orthodox neighborhood in Seattle. The school offers students a traditional Orthodox education, that differentiates instruction based on the student’s ability and learning style while maintaining high Academic Standards in Judaic and General Studies.

Derech Emunah

High School, Girls Only, Orthodox (Girls Only)

Derech Emunah is an all-women Orthodox Jewish High School in Seattle. Students are well versed in Limudei Kodesh (Jewish studies) as well as secular subjects like language arts, math, science, and art, so they are prepared to attend university, post-high school seminary, or enter the working world upon graduation.

Northwest Yeshiva High School

High School, Modern Orthodox (Co-ed)

Northwest Yeshiva High School (NYHS) is a Co-ed Modern Orthodox High School located on the idyllic and scenic Mercer Island. Established in 1974, NYHS continues to provide an exceptional academic experience through its dual curriculum program. Students are spiritually and academically engaged, taking secular and Jewish classes that emphasize both an experiential learning and seminar-style approach. They learn about the importance of tikkun olam (repairing the world), while deepening pride in their culture, religion, and the state of Israel.

Jewish Overnight Camp

Programs for youth interested in having dynamic and fun summer outdoor experiences that develop important life skills while forming new and life long friendships.

Camp Solomon Schechter

Camp Solomon Schechter, Pluralistic

Camp Solomon Schechter (CSS) has been providing the Pacific Northwest Jewish community with a fun, friendly, and proudly Jewish summer camp experience for over 60 years. CSS is un-affiliated and attracts Jewish campers of all religious backgrounds. The program embraces a celebratory Shabbat environment, encouraging campers to follow Shabbat observances in public spaces and follow their own traditions in private. Camp is also kashrut-observant and teaches core Jewish values like tikkun olam (repairing the world) and derech eretz (respect) through teva (nature) and various activities. Campers love the state-of-the-art challenge course, zipline and wide range of sports and water activities!

Sephardic Adventure Camp

Sephardic Adventure Camp, Modern Orthodox (Sephardic)

Sephardic Adventure camp is the only Sephardic Modern Orthodox summer camp in North America! The camp is committed to preserving Sephardic tradition, instilling the values of Jewish heritage, building moral character, and ensuring a summer of fun and memories that last a lifetime. Camp offers twice-daily Orthodox prayer services, Shabbat programming, Torah learning and Sephardic baking. Activities also include arts and crafts, drama, kayaking, baseball, and archery!

URJ Camp Kalsman

URJ Camp Kalsman, Reform

URJ Camp Kalsman hosts campers from all over the Pacific Northwest on its 300-acre campus in Arlington, Washington. Kalsman is part of the Union for Reform Judaism and is dedicated to its six core values: kehilah kedoshah (sacred community), Reform Jewish identity, friendship, chesed (kindness), our relationship to teva (nature) and connection to Israel. Activities include tefillah (prayer), animal care, pool games, creative writing, silk painting, ceramics and outdoor survival skills. Campers love the new Stroum Art Center, a state-of-the-art workspace facility equipped a kiln and pottery wheel and the famous Greenstein Family Alpine Climbing Tower offering more than 18 climbing elements in one outdoor structure!

Research from the Cohen Center at Brandeis University validates the relevance of understanding teen development to Jewish identity formation, and focuses on the “6Cs.”


Positive view of one’s ability to achieve in various areas, including social, cognitive and emotional.


An internal sense of overall positive self-worth.


Positive bonds and development of relationships with peers, family, school, and community.


A sense of sympathy and empathy for others.


Respect for norms and standards of acceptable behavior, morality and integrity.


The desire to positively influence one’s family, community, and society.