The Seattle area is home to five elementary/early childhood Jewish day schools and two high schools, representing diverse approaches to educational pedagogy and the diversity of Jewish denominations in our community. We invite you to explore each day school and find the school community that best fits the needs of your child and your family. Please visit the respective websites of each school for further information.

Elementary School (including Early Childhood):

High Schools:

Read below on the value of Jewish Day School education from Dr. Susan M. Kardos, Senior Director, Strategy and Education Planning, Avi Chai Foundation:

If you want your child to be part of a supportive and thoughtful community, and you too want to be part of a supportive community that is committed to raising children who are kind, generous and guided by values, consider Jewish day school!

If you want your child to have a strong sense of self, an understanding of his or her heritage and history, consider Jewish day school.

If you want your child to live the simple rhythms of his or her day and year in a way that is inimitably and magnificently Jewish, consider Jewish day school.

If you want a secular and Jewish education that is substantive and relevant to the modern life you live, consider Jewish day school.

If you want your home to be one that builds on the wisdom and grandeur of the texts that have guided our people through centuries, and for your children to be able to see ancient Jewish texts as guides for their own lives, consider Jewish day school.

If you want your child to develop a sense of awe and wonder, to appreciate the beauty of the world and develop their own sense of responsibility to steward the natural world, our own creations and our community into the future, consider Jewish day school.**

[**Adapted from Dr. Susan Kardos’ Jewish Day Schools and Their Future Place in American Jewish Life.]

The Samis Foundation is proud to support Jewish day schools in the Seattle area. Please note: though the Foundation supports tuition assistance at each of Seattle’s Jewish day schools, the administration of any tuition assistance is through the schools themselves.